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Robotics is an emerging branch of modern scientific advancements. It has grown enough to find place in most of the technical institutes of which JIIT is also a contributor. It is the science of using a machine (a robot) to perform repeated and hazardous task without human intervention. The recent neuroArm medical robot made it into history’s books after successfully assisting doctors perform delicate brain surgery to remove an egg-sized cancer tumour is evidence to its growing importance. However, while the world is making great advances in it, India is lagging behind due to proper funding in this research area. So, we here at JIIT, Noida have taken the initiative to spread the technical awareness about robotics that just building humanoid-like applications cannot be considered as the purpose of robotics but focusing on building low-cost and small automated applications which comfortably solve our diurnal problem is equally important.


  • Robosoccer - JBS Atrium Day 1 (12pm - 4pm)
  • Robosoccer - G11 Day 1 (1pm - 5pm)
  • Line Following Robot - JBS Atrium Day 2 (9am - 4pm)
  • Drink o Code - G13 Day 2 (12pm - 4pm)