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Our aim is to expand the knowledge of fashion, by creating platforms for the students, where they can learn and perform new skills and can built up their confidence to share their knowledge, ideas and creativity with world. Radiance is a creative outlet that shows dedication, passion, enthusiasm and hard work in the aisle of vogue. Radiance, is the beauty that comes from within. It is the warmth of the first ray of the rising sun. It is the vivacity of a young child, the inexplicable glow of a blooming flower. An intangible aura which enraptures, delights the soul, and never let’s go. Radiance is euphoria. Radiance is joy. Radiance is bliss. Radiance is eternal. Because in the end, you can't always exude radiance, but you CAN admire it. Being real, fearless, confident and radiant is all that radiance is about.


  • Mr. & Ms.Impressions - JBS Auditorium Day 1 (2pm - 4:30pm)
  • Vanity - OAT Day 2 (5pm - 6:30pm)