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ADWITYA is the non- technical hub of JIIT where students get the opportunity to spiritually regenerate via effective volunteering to the schools of specially abled individuals that provides the soulful experiences filling students' mind with optimistic approach towards life. The crucial objective is to help and support the specially abled people and treat them equally through interactive sessions and games under the guidance of our faculty as well as Student coordinators. Adwitya conduct various Visits, Events and lectures for creating awareness among students in both ODD and EVEN semester. Volunteers and Student do various visit to the institute of specially abled people. We also have experience of conducting lectures and organizing events during college fests. The core team of the hub is comprised of 5 experienced members and Faculty Advisors ,who works hard day and night to bring the objective of Adwitya Hub, i.e., to extend services to specially-abled people of the society, for the sake of a betterment of their lives.


  • Boulevard of Enigma - Infront of Rajiv Gandhi Statue Day 1(1pm - 4 pm)
  • Charades Muets - G3 Day 2(12pm - 3pm)